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We are looking for first-language South African English, Afrikaans, isiZulu and seSotho male speakers to do guided, unscripted call recordings. The purpose of this project is to collect voice data in order to assist with developing speech recognition technology.


About our Projects

Free to participate

No license or application fees or purchase of any kind of software required.

Two People Per Call

Two people per call

Simulated customer service call centre recordings (roleplays) between an agent and a caller.


No real names or personal information will be used or made available.

Guide Provided

Guided, unscripted scenarios

A guide and keywords will be provided. No specific skills or experience needed to participate.


You will need the following

Earphones with Microphone

Headphones with built-in microphone

Outside noises can negatively impact machine learning.

Computer or laptop required

Computer, laptop or smartphone

A headset is required for recording on a computer or smartphone.

Stable Internet Connection

A stable internet connection

Recording with others online will require a working internet connection. 

About Us

We are an audio-to-text services company, specialised in creating 99%+ accurate transcription and captioning for clients all over the world. 

About Way With Words

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Our previous Speech Collection project has ended.

We are hoping to have additional projects in the near future.


What Our Recorders Say

I found Way With Words searching for people with Australian accents on Facebook. As a blind person, it’s seldom easy to get work so I took a chance and applied. These people went out of their way to make things work for me and I had a lot of fun making up all of these calls to train the AI’S. I met some lovely people and was able to earn quite a bit of money which I mostly put away. Thank you so much for being decent human beings and assuming competence. 


Participant ~ Australian Call Recording Project 2021

Being part of the Afrikaans project was so much fun. The scenarios and topics were very helpful. Having keywords provided was the best as it made the process whilst recording so much easier. The team was active to assist at all times when help was needed. I am looking forward to projects in the near future. 


Participant ~ Afrikaans Call Recording Project 2022

It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend “Way with Words” as the leading transcription company in South Africa. Having done a few projects with them this year, I was very impressed with the professionalism and seamless way in which they handled queries. As a professional freelancer, I can definitely recommend them. Hope to work with you again in the future. Always a pleasure working with you.


Participant ~ Afrikaans Call Recording Project 2022


Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be recording calls?

We use an Online Application to record the calls. All instructions will be communicated when you join the project.

Do I record by myself, or will I be given a partner to record with?

You will be making calls with a partner. We are available to assist you with finding someone to record with, should the need arise.

How many calls/hours can I record?

The call recording limit is 2 hours per person. Get listed on our database to be considered for future project work.

Will I receive a script for the calls I will be recording?

We do not provide scripts to follow, however, you will receive guidelines to help you with preparation for the calls you will be completing.

Do you have any advice on how to improve sound quality?

We suggest you go into the Voice and Video settings in our Online Application and adjust the sensitivity and noise suppression settings there.

How will I get paid?

Payment will be made into your South African bank account.

Speech Collection Project

Sample Recording

Below is an example of a South African English simulated call centre recording for the Retail topic.

SA English Simulated Call Centre Recording

by Way With Words

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